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GamePlan - November 2009

GamePlan by Alan Ayckbourn See further photos of GamePlan


Lynette Saxon
Sorrel Saxon
Kelly Butcher
Leo Tyler
Dan Endicot
Grace Page
Troy Stephens
Valery Niggli
Christine Eusebio
Celeste Graf
Sandra Guyer
Martin Russell
Colin West
Karen Siber
Jamie Langridge

The Plot
Sorrell buys herself a mobile phone and advertises herself on as Mandy, a latex and leather corseted call girl - who in reality is barely able to breathe in her outfit.
The first client is Leo, a dapper forty-something who appears less interested in sex than in talking about his late wife. Following some increasingly desperate attempts to get Leo into the bedroom, Sorrel eventually drags him in, telling Kelly to intervene if she screams. Unfortunately, Kelly mistakes Sorrel’s rather enthusiastic moaning for screaming and nearly knocks Leo out with a vase. Sorrel and Leo continue their transaction and after they finish,a well-satisfied Leo steps into the living room and promptly dies from a massive heart-attack.
Once Lynette has gone to bed, Sorrel and Kelly move Leo’s body from a hiding place and together they tip him over the balcony into the Thames below.
Two weeks pass and Sorrel and Kelly believe they have got away with it all; until the police arrive at the flat. They have traced Mandy via Leo’s computer and assume Lynette is Mandy. They ring a number advertised on Sorrel’s website and her mobile rings. Sorrel tries to explain but the police ignore her.
Despite no charges being pressed, Lynette is shunned by her neighbours and Sorrel is bullied at school. Together they prepare to escape to Doncaster, when a journalist arrives to persuade Lynette to sell her story. He makes an offer to which she adds a nought to the end. Abashed, he goes back to the office for advice. The journalist returns shortly afterwards and gives his answer, which is…."


Production Coordinator
Stage Managers
Set Design
Lighting Design
Lights Crew
Sound Design
Sound Crew
Props Crew
Make Up
Front of House
Lobby Photography
Box Office
Title Artwork
Programme Editor
Programme Design
Programme Photography
Stage Photography
Claudia Wicki
Daniele Dagani, Angela David
Firman Burke, Janine Campbell
Andreas Stahl
Enel Miller, Kerstin Preuschoff, Dustin Rees
Paul Standerwick
Susan De Paul, Florence Razoux, Deborah Somers
Lynda Klomann, Irene Lautenbach
Tiina Palojärvi, Marianne Alewine, Tania Araman
Colette Clavadetscher, Janet Evard, Myra Walder, Claudia Wicki
Claudia Bodmer, Isabella Sorg
Maureen Grimm with Paul & Sylvia Day, Anouscha Schodjai
Tricia Schmid & Members of the Club
Firman Burke, Janine Campbell
Nicholas MacCabe
Paul Bilton
David Roscoe
Peter Schietinger
Mike Bingesser
Firman Burke, Janine Campbell
Martin Russell