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Season's Greetings - November 2012

Season's Greetings by Alan Ayckbourn

It is Christmas and Belinda and Neville are celebrating with relatives and friends. The family includes Neville's alcoholic sister, Phyllis, and her husband Bernard, an incompetent doctor whose annual puppet shows are disastrous and boring to young and old alike. Add Neville's friend Eddie and his pregnant wife, Pattie, Uncle Harvey, a slightly senile retired security guard and TV addict, Rachel, Belinda's unmarried and emotionally unstable sister, and finally Clive, a writer in an unsuccessful relationship with Rachel. Forced together over 3 days at Christmas, the chaotic atmosphere becomes explosive...
Matt Miller
Belinda, his wife
Tricia Tomlinson Schmid
Phyllis, his sister
Claudia Wicki
Harvey, his uncle
Stephen Brindley
Bernard, Phylis's husband
Terry Menard
Rachel, Belinda's unmarried sister
Susi Bott
Eddie, a friend of Neville
James Langridge
Pattie, Eddie's pregnant wife
Deborah Somers
Clive, a friend of Rachel
Paul Day
Anni Fuchs

Production Co-ordinator
Tiina Palojärvi
Set Design
Firman Burke
Stage Manager
Ana Alvarez Requejo
Assistant Stage Managers
Daniele Dagani with Noeleen Blaich, Sheila Von Arx,
Tom Namovich, Sally Krauer
Lighting Design
Andreas Stahl
Lighting Crew
Tom Hofmaenner, Carolina Diaz Quijano, Iain Richardson,
Jan Sinstadt
Sound Design
Phil Margolis
Sound Crew
Hans Schmid, Gagan Narula
Lynda Kloman, Irene Lautenbach
Tabs Operators
Ales Kral, Cameron Roy
Claudia Bodmer, Tania Khanschassoff, Anne Jiricny
Christine Eusebio-Ellis, Maureen Grimm, Natalia Afanasyeva
Front of House
Valery Niggli, Joan Bridgman and Members of the Club
Block Bookings
Tricia Tomlinson-Schmid
Box Office
Phil Margolis and Members of the Club
Programme Editor
David Roscoe
Flyer & Programme Design
Paul Bilton
Production Stills
Firman Burke
Paul Bilton
Press Officer
Ana Alvarez Requejo