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Becoming a Member

The Zurich Comedy Club is a great place to
have fun, meet people and at the same time help put on a play at least twice a year you could help some worthwhile charities in the process.

The first step to membership is to come along and meet us on a Monday evening.

Anyone who understands English and wants to get enthusiastically involved in the theatre is welcome to join us at our regular Monday night meetings (see 'Monday Evenings' for details of current events). We meet at St Andrew's Church Community Hall (see the map below for details) every Monday evening - see home page for current details.

We are an English-speaking Club with a membership from a number of nationalities (British, Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, German, Dutch etc. not forgetting Swiss of course) and all walks of life, jobs, professions and all ages - from late teenage to late retirement. We are always pleased to welcome new faces who would like help with the many jobs that are involved in staging plays and running a club like the ZCC.

The only pre-requisites for membership are that you must speak and understand English and, for speaking parts in readings and on stage, you should have clear English diction without a strong accent, so your voice is easily understood.

Why not come and meet us? We'd like to meet you! Just check that we are meeting next Monday first.

Members' barbecue

Holding up the stageWe do it because it's FUN!
The Zurich Comedy Club is run by members for members. It is up to us what productions we stage and up to us what degree we get involved in productions. Since the production of a play requires considerable commitment especially from the Director and cast members, fun is a pre-requisite throughout the rehearsals and the production itself. That said, we have been able to maintain high standards that can only come through hard work and dedication.

Theatre with no "stars"
What our audiences see on stage is the tip of the iceberg. There are many essential jobs back stage: lights, sound, makeup, costumes, props, stage management, set design and building, prompting, front of house and box office.
We work together as a team without stars. One play's leading actor may be the next play's prompter or make-up artist.

Packing them in since 1954
The Zurich Comedy Club has a long and excellent reputation on the Swiss Theatre scene and a faithful audience that packs our 380-seat Seefeld theatre for many performances.

Workshops and Summer Schools

From time to time we organise acting and technical workshops - led either by our own members or by experts in their fields flown in from abroad.
The ZCC has had a strong presence at the NODA Summer School held in the UK each summer, where there are courses on both acting and technical subject like lighting and set design.

Not in it for the money
We cannot promise fortune. In fact, being an amateur club you won't receive any money for the labours you put into the Club. But think of it as an investment in your future.

TeamworkBeing successful in the Theatre requires a number of different skills which can be surprisingly useful in other walks of life:

Presentational Skills
Standing in front of 380 people (the size of audience we often have) and presenting your character on stage can prepare you for such things as giving Corporate presentations.

Managerial Skills
Directing or Producing performances involves a variety of managerial skills, the management of people, co-ordination of a variety of diverse elements, budget management and so forth - just the sort of things you'll need to get to grips with in business.

Anything and everything that a production requires depends upon teamwork...acheiving success in any walk of life is rarely done alone.

The first step is to check the 'Monday Evenings' events on the main menu to see we are doing next and come along!

Where to find us: see map.